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Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction Chicago

Private Dental Services starts by performing our complementary consultation. We discuss your case and treat issues requiring immediate attention, any pain, infections, broken teeth etc.

We perform a workup and fabricate a wax-up. Once we present you with your dental case and you are comfortable with the work that needs to be done, we extract any hopeless teeth. We then prepare teeth as described in case and fabricate provisionals. Then our Oral Surgeon, Dr. King will perform any periodontal treatment necessary.

Following healing from any periodontal treatment, we reassess teeth along with supporting structures and modify the treatment plan if necessary.We then create final impressions and fabricate a second set of provisionals or modify the first set as required. After we carefully evaluate provisionals for function, esthetics, comfort and stability , PDS sends out your dental molds to fabricate restorations.

All cases are different. Dr. Anthony King will work closely with you to ensure the best dental reconstruction is performed.